List of Foot Care Services by Burns Foot and Ankle Centers included below.

Achilles problems
Achilles tendon repair
Ankle pain
Ankle sprain
Ankle instability
Arch support
Arch pain
Athletes foot
High arches
Blisters and shoe irritations
Burning foot
Calcaneal apophysitis
Charcot’s foot
Children’s foot and ankle problems
Club foot
Cold feet
Congenital foot and ankle disorders
Cracked heels
Custom Orthotics

Diabetes foot care
Diabetic foot conditions
Diabetic neuropathy
Drop foot
Dry Feet
Flat feet
Foot and ankle surgery
Foot corns
Foot calluses
Foot odor
Foot pain
Foot pain in children
Foot perspiration
Foot pronation
Fungal infections

Haglund’s Deformity
Hammer toe
Heel pain
Heel pain in children
Heel spurs
Ingrown toenail
Plantar fasciitis
Rheumatoid arthritis
Runners foot
Scar treatment
Sever’s disease
Shin splints
Ski boot problems
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Toenail problems
Wounds and infections

Dr. Burns has in-house custom orthotics, x-ray, casting and minor procedures.