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Post Operative Instructions

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Post Operative Surgery Instructions

* First 48 hours (2 full days)

Call Dr. Burns’ office IMMEDIATELY if:

A common occurrence after surgery is the sensation of the bandages being too tight.  All you need to do to relieve this is to split the very top dressing with scissors on the top of your foot, taking care to leave the dressing underneath intact.  Just nip it about 2 inches and you will get relief.

*After the first 48 hours:

After 48 hours , gradually increase the time you spend on your feet.  Walk or stand according to your tolerance levels; when you are feeling discomfort, lie down and elevate your foot.  Do not sit with your foot down for any lenght of time and do not cross your legs.  Both activities decrease circulation and increase swelling for the first several days.

Continue to keep the bandages completely dry.  There are ‘showering bags’ available commercially.  Other people have done creative things with plastic bags; some simple sponge bathe until they are able to bathe or shower normally.

Much of the success of your surgery depends on you.

Please follow these instructions carefully.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our office.

There is a 24 hour answering service; if you are calling after office hours we can be reached.  The phone may ring several times before the service picks up the call.

Your first post operative appointment:


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